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Discover ways of moving you had no idea were possible as Blossom takes you through a Reformer class with variations she learned from her mentor, the late Kathleen Stanford Grant. It will make your entire Reformer practice feel new again as Blossom's cues turn on the deepest layers of muscle to strengthen and open your body like never before. Be sure to visit Blossom at her studio in Brooklyn, NY at Bridge Pilates.  

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  1. pamdej 3 years ago

    Hi Blossom. Great choices of work for this particular body. The breakdown of the work was fantastic. You give me a lot to think about. Thanks, Pam

  2. DianaMoore

    Blossom someone on a forum was commenting on how Romana stopped the class so everyone could see your rendition of Swan on the reformer because it was identical to what she remembered learning in Joe’s studio. Will you please share this version on Pilatesology? Thank you for this workout. Please film more because I want to learn what you know. Thank you.

    • Blossom Leilani Crawford Author
      Blossom Leilani Crawford 6 years ago

      Diana I will share the Swan on Pilatesology sometime (and if they let me). I love the Swan on the reformer that I learned from Kathy Grant!

      • Alisa Wyatt

        Um, can we come film it today? Just kidding, but yes please, we would love to see all of Kathy’s Swan Dives! I know for a fact that learning Swan on the mat with Kathy made what was once a frustrating exercise feel doable for me.

  3. Helena Birecki
    Helena Birecki 6 years ago

    Love how you tailored this workout to the “body in front of you.” A good reminder that a specific smaller range of motion can be more effective. Thanks!

  4. deneeSdole 6 years ago

    I loved this, especially the exercises you broke down to a simpler approach, such as Overhead! I love your teaching style. Thank you!


    Thank you Blossom. Great workout with good variations I will try out in the next day. The most remarkable being the pregnant lady upstretch. Always a lot to learn from you and still fun to watch.

    • Blossom Leilani Crawford Author
      Blossom Leilani Crawford 6 years ago

      “Pregnant Lady” is one of my favorites! I hope it went well and felt great.

  6. Jon Hawkins

    Blossom, this was a great start to my day. Loved shrub and major flashback to Pilates on Tour London with pregnant lady upstretch. I don’t recall you using the porn star cue before, must have been on your best behaviour. Honestly, us Brits are not that reserved!

    • Blossom Leilani Crawford Author
      Blossom Leilani Crawford 6 years ago

      Jon, thanks for the comment. I hope your “pregnant lady” upstretch is doing well. I must have been toward the end of my filming day if I used the porn star cue! I do know you Brits are not that reserved. My grandmother is from London! Aloha, Blossom

  7. pilatesangel 6 years ago

    Spa face….love the analogy (it works)! This is such a fun reformer session and frees the mind to feel to feel the body. Clearly Blossom has captured the genius of Kathy and Romana so beautifully in her teaching. Another favorite as Blossom’s classes always are!

    • Alisa Wyatt

      I couldn’t agree more Angel! Blossom is total Pilates inspiration.

    • Blossom Leilani Crawford Author
      Blossom Leilani Crawford 6 years ago

      Spa face is from my friend Nathaniel Lee. We used to work in the same studio together. He used to say “spa face” to his clients. It really can help. Thanks for the compliments.

  8. Lynn Pringle 6 years ago

    Thank you so much Blossom, this was great. So good to see that some people can’t do an exercise, and yet find a way that they can work towards it.
    Making the exercises work for her, and not focusing on choreography, was so refreshing.
    You can do Pilates and have fun too. Hope you return to show more reformer or caddy classes at different levels.

  9. sravasti 6 years ago

    Hi Blossom, I loved the details and images in this workout! Thanks, Annie

  10. Kerry 6 years ago

    Great way to start the day! Thanks Blossom!

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