Pilates Open Leg Rocker Tutorial

Open Leg Rocker Tutorial

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Discover the secret that can transform your Open Leg Rocker! Join Sandy and her student Suzanne for a short tutorial in which Sandy gives detailed explanation of the goals of the exercise and then takes Suzanne through several techniques to give more length and flexibility to her spine. Visit Sandy at Vintage Pilates where this class was filmed.

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  1. Cito 2 years ago

    Thank you Sandy, very clear for me now! thank you.. working on the closed leg rocker now 🙂

  2. jackielatour

    Thank you Sandy!! Great tutorial and reminder about how good this exercise is for the spine as well as it is challenging to stay connected to the core!! I love the “lifting out of the ribs” cue.

  3. pilatesgal50 5 years ago

    Very helpful as the Open Leg Rocker is my nemesis! Where can I get a Betty?

    • Sandy Shimoda Author

      Pilatesgal50 – keep working on all of your rolling exercises. One day, the Open leg rocker will no longer be your nemesis!

      You can order Betty from Balanced Body but they call her the “C shaper”. I affectionately named her Betty, as I tend to name inanimate objects compulsively. Somehow, her name makes her all the more helpful.

      Betty is not an accessory that Joe created, and he didn’t have access to the materials that we have now. However, Karen, Jay and I marveled at how the c-shaper closely mimics the curve of the Gratz ladder barrel and spine corrector. Just as the Gratz barrels are used to assist in achieving an even spinal curve when in extension, Betty assists in finding an even spinal curve when working toward a rounded back.

  4. joelcrosby

    Thanks for that wonderful concentrated tutorial. Closed leg rocker is tough! You gave me some good ques to help me improve. Sometimes in fighting with closed leg rocker I lose focus on the two way stretch. Just now playing with this exercise; keeping the force of the two stretch is the key. Thanks again.

    • Sandy Shimoda Author

      Joel – you’re welcome! Enjoy two-way-stretching . It is so much more effective than fighting, in my experience.

  5. soul_eil

    To the mat for me, that is my trouble spot too ;))

  6. Sandy Shimoda Author

    Thank you! Betty came from Karen Frischmann. She is the one piece of non Gratz equipment that we have in the studio.

  7. pilates 5 years ago

    OK, I’m motivated to give the closed leg rocker another try!:)

    • Sandy Shimoda Author

      Great! That’s the spirit! With each day of practice you will be one step closer to success.

  8. terryhrn 5 years ago

    Great class! Where did you find Betty?

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