Pilates Magic Circle Challenge with Tiziana Trovati

Magic Circle Challenge

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Tiziana's cues and creative variations will challenge you to wring the magic out of your circle. When you let go of it, your Powerhouse will not forget! This class moves at a quick pace that will keep you fully focused on moving with control while having fun.  

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  1. Tiziana Trovati Author
    Tiziana Trovati 6 months ago

    Hey Catgal01! Thank you so much for your feedback! You inspired me: I will put myself through it tomorrow! 😉 😀 

  2. Catgal01
    Catgal01 6 months ago

    Hi Tiziana! That was a great body-heating routine! Loved it thankyou. Your instruction is super clear and precise, thankyou for counting and cueing so well. A really good heart rate routine in 25min – who knew! Thankyou

  3. Tiziana Trovati Author
    Tiziana Trovati 7 months ago

    Mckengee, thank you so much for working out with us!! hope to see you on the mat again!

  4. mckengee 7 months ago

    Loved the challenge, completeness, and thoughtful sequence of this class! Thank you!

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