Pilates Leg Springs Tips w/ Junghee Won

How to Assist the Side Leg Springs

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When Junghee learned the Bicycle exercise using Leg Springs she was taught it was a good exercise for sciatica and stretching out the hips as well as increasing flexibility in the legs in general. To get the maximum stretch a teacher assists the student and Junghee shows how, including key details on how to do it safely and what to look for in your student's alignment. Our thanks to Can-Do Fitness where Junghee teaches.

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  1. Luna
    Luna 5 years ago

    매우 시원해보이네요 🙂 선생님은 좀 힘들 것 같지만 고객들 만족도는 높을 것 같네요!

  2. joesmat 5 years ago

    Junghee ever the delightful smile.
    She describes, and very effectively uses her hands to demonstrate this stretch beautifully, and I am most appreciative of the detail she goes into. Often use the stretch on my free mat, foot against a wall, other arm/hands supported against a table leg for opposition.
    I first found this stretch on the Romana Legacy Edition DVD, wherein, Romana demonstrated this exercise stretch using her grand-daughter.
    Thank you for sharing your skills Junghee.

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