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Got 6 minutes to fix your feet? Grab your foot corrector and let Molly Niles Renshaw show you how to reap the benefits of this amazing device! Repeat regularly for better balance, posture, digestion and pain free tootsies.

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  1. Lannette
    Lannette 2 years ago

    This is as good 5 months later as it was when I first tried it. I memorized the sequence. It’s great to warm up my feet before hiking, walking or running.

    • Molly Niles Renshaw Author
      Molly Niles Renshaw 2 years ago

      I LOVE the foot corrector, don’t you? It is amazing for warming up, as you do before a hike or run or at the end of a session. Thanks for checking in! xx

  2. Lannette
    Lannette 3 years ago

    This is lovely despite being brief. Thank you! I got a slight adjustment through my right sacrum when I finished.

    • Molly Niles Renshaw Author
      Molly Niles Renshaw 3 years ago

      That’s great, Lannette! Cool!xx

  3. Molly Niles Renshaw Author
    Molly Niles Renshaw 5 years ago

    Thanks for your questions, Lauralynn! Yes, try to keep your hips level – I might not have succeeded;) For the arch position keep the toes long and you can adjust as needed for a smaller (or bigger) foot. I’ve never had to prop a tiny foot up on something but I don’t think I’ve worked with anyone on the foot corrector smaller than a size 5 1/2. Yes, try to get even the pink toe mound on the foot corrector- not easy! Also, if you want to go deeper into the foot and toe corrector work check out Mejo Wiggin’s workshop on the subject. Good luck and thanks for watching!

  4. lauralynnharry 5 years ago

    Hi – just curious — should my hips be level as I’m working each side? it looked as though one side of the hips were a little higher with the working foot ..
    (not trying to be a pest- just want to clarify).

    With the Arch position — should the toes be wrapping around the pedal, or am I thinking about keeping the toes long? (again, only from unknowingness am I asking these questions..)

    With Heel position on the pedal: will this be different with a smaller foot? (can I prop the forefront of the foot if a smaller foot?) — Should the ball of the foot be on the ‘floor’ part of the foot corrector, or should I be more concerned with how the heel is connecting to the pedal?

    Lastly – with the “heel up/metatarsals on the pedal” position — (& thanks for your patience) – should I be trying to get the ball of the pinky toe onto the foot corrector as well ? Again, just looking for clarification as to what I see (also, just the close up of the foot is great, but I’d love to see a reference to the whole body too , regarding any shifting of weight, in order to press the pedal etc…).
    Thanks for your time! Loving Pilatesology!!!

    • lauralynnharry 5 years ago

      Hey again – Ok so forget about the hip level question – I re-watched and I think it was just the microphone pack on your hip that had my eyes lop=sided. Pelvis looks level and I can only assume that we will want this aspect within the foot corrector work.
      Thanks for the great video

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