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After we filmed this session, Niedra's student Angel called us for weeks asking when Niedra would be back! If you love a sweaty and intense workout, you'll love this simple but advanced workout as much as Angel did. Niedra aims to refine difficult exercises like Swan on the Long Box, Breastroke, Horseback, and Side Sit Ups and to lengthen the entire body, enjoy! Visit Niedra at her website:

What Others Are Saying


  1. precious74 7 months ago

    Amazing class!: Angel dropping the sweat out at the end of clime the three! I love all the modifications really fantastic!

  2. Daniel Ostrov
    Daniel Ostrov 2 years ago

    Very good class. However the irregular pacing of each different rep within many of the exercises makes it extremely difficult to follow along with.

  3. deneeSdole 6 years ago

    That was amazing teaching! And Angel was great too! Thank you so much

  4. Jon Hawkins

    This is a great class for when I have a gap between clients and don’t have time to do a full hour class and recover!
    I always struggle with horseback and found the breakdown/prep really useful. Thank you!

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