Case Study: Ben’s Collapsed Arches

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Join Lauren and her student Ben for this brilliant session that demonstrates his routine for working on his individual needs, including collapsed arches, knock knees and tight outer thighs. Lauren begins with specific exercises on the Foot Corrector with a focus on the cues that Ben uses to get the correct muscles engaged. She then shows the exercises on the Reformer that he uses to work on these same issues. You'll discover a new understanding of foot issues through Lauren's explanations and adjustments. Visit Lauren at her studio Pilates Seattle International, offering Pilates instruction, teacher training and Physical Therapy.  

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  1. Ynowak 5 years ago

    I have a question about the legs on the Reformer during footwork here. I could not see clearly the whole leg in the video. It looked like the lower portion, the feet were apart, the lower leg was apart, and I’m wondering what the upper thighs looked like. Lauren was cueing him to squeeze his thighs together. So was he is a sort of tripod position? Thighs touching to the knees, and then the lower legging outward?

    • Lauren Stephen Author

      Ben has very meaty muscular calves so his feet are a bit apart, and was still cueing him to squeeze his thigh together. Very specific to this individual.

      • Lauren Stephen Author

        Also note the mild knock knees, which also require a bit of room between the feet for proper alignment for this individual.

  2. ladyjane 5 years ago

    Love the foot corrector ! Thank you Lauren , reminded me I need to use it more often. what is it they say…….. The feet are the base of your tower! So important!

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