Case Study: Foot Corrector Basics for Normal Feet

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Lauren demonstrates the details of using the Pilates Foot Corrector with normal, healthy feet. Her student, Tracy, is a former ballerina and her strong, stable feet can be viewed as a standard for what feet aim to be! Don't fret if you own a pair of feet that don't fit this mold, the Foot Corrector can help bring them into balance. Visit Lauren at Pilates Seattle International where this class was filmed.

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  1. Pammijoe

    Nice video: the foot corrector is often a forgotten piece of apparatus and most important for the majority of the population. Many of my student have this exercise sequence as homework before and/or after their session; once I teach them the work they do it themselves. I’m looking forward to seeing the next video session. Thank you for sharing. Pamela

  2. soul_eil

    I tried to give this 5 stars, but the site isn’t cooperating and only put 1 and would not let me correct it. Very informative when you’re not sure of all the ways to use the corrector.

    • Alisa Wyatt

      Sorry about the goof on the stars soul_eil! There was some regular maintenance going on last night so you might want to shut down your browser and restart it, that should straighten things out!

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