Cardio Pilates – Class 6 of 6

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This final session in Carrie Russo’s Cardio Pilates series is a killer! You’ll work agility with rolls up to standing, conquer the complete knee stretch series and tone your glutes and arms with the arm weights series. Have fun and come back whenever you want to glow. Visit Carrie in Los Angeles at Russo Pilates. Filmed at Pilatesology Studio.

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  1. Xyneth 4 weeks ago

    This last video really burned my abs haha… and finally, I finished the whole program! Really challenging for beginners (my bad, I didn’t notice that this is for intermediate level!), but since the moves are doable with some modifications and I can still follow along with the video non-stop, I decided to keep going. Now I’m definitely stronger and more balanced compared to the first time I did the moves in Video 1. Thank you, Carrie!

    • Author
      Carrie Russo 3 weeks ago

      I’m thrilled to hear this!!! Thanks so much for the update. Amazing. It sounds like you modified it for your body/level perfectly! I absolutely love that you notice that you are stronger than you were in Class 1. That’s the whole idea! You can keep repeating this series or a particular class as many times as you like. You’ll only see yourself getting stronger in your powerhouse, your cardio and your balance. Great work! Proud of you!! Please don’t be a stranger!

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