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Are you interested in thoroughly challenging yourself by using your own body weight? Then this Intermediate mat class is for you. Simona's style encourages your practice of listening to your own body while giving you reasons as to why each movement is necessary. Try to hear your heart beat, your breathing pattern; with the mat there are no distractions so you can start to pay attention to what is going on deep in the abdomen and rib cage area and feel how your body reacts to gravity and ground force. Allow Simona to let you be more in touch with your own Pilates practice! Filmed at The Art of Control™ Simona Cipriani’s studio at the SUNY campus, Purchase New York.

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  1. Brenda Ameli 6 years ago

    This is a perfect class for me–about 40 minutes long, great focus, and just enough challenge. It will be a regular—and I love her style. Friendly, encouraging but very focused at the same time.

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