Pilates Swakate Series with Arm Weights

Arm Weight Swakate Series

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Get ready for arm toning and chest opening with Gina Papalia! Using 1-2 pound arm weights (or none at all) you’ll work through the Swakate Series which is normally done on the Reformer, along with Gina’s student Pilates teacher Rebecca Wilson. Gina gives clear, detailed alignment cues so if you’re learning to teach this series you’ll learn all you need to succeed! Visit Gina at Grasshopper Pilates in NYC for workshops, teacher training, lessons and more.

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  1. Jellybean64 11 months ago

    Nice routine, however, the directions could have been a little clearer so I didn’t have to look at the screen the entire time.

    • Gina Papalia Author
      Gina Papalia 11 months ago

      Hi there, thanks “Jellybean64 “ for your feedback. Comments always welcome. I will definitely take this feedback into my next video and remember this. Hopefully you will continue to get these movements down and then you will be able to follow along by listing to the cues. Eventually you won’t need me!!
      Keep moving!
      X gina

      • Jellybean64 11 months ago

        I’m new here… I appreciate you taking my comments into consideration.

  2. robertapilates 1 year ago

    Great! Thanks to both!!!!!

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