Pilates Arm Chair w/ Kathi Ross Nash

Arm Chair Foundations: Stability through Feedback

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Using the foundational exercises on the Arm Chair (aka Baby Chair) Kathryn Ross Nash shows how the chair builds stability in the body by providing an anchor to lengthen the spine against—the feedback the back of the chair provides is pure Pilates genius. As the exercises build, the back of the chair can move with the body requiring the spine to lengthen even more. Kathi provides a spotter to assist the movement if the student is not able to shift it yet. Three different versions of each exercise are shown simultaneously so you can see how each serves a different purpose, for instance holding the hand in a fist builds strength and control, while lengthening the fingers provides a stretch through the arm. The Arm Chair teaches the spine to lengthen while in a sitting position, which is particularly important in today’s society because learning to sit with proper posture is key to health! Check out Kathi’s other Arm Chair videos for more of the repertoire (coming soon). The Arm Chair Kathi recommends is made by: Gratz Industries. For info on training with Kathi visit: KathiRossNash.com.

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  1. precious74 2 years ago

    What an Amazing teacher.Thank you wonderful tutorial!

  2. alisonsalmond 4 years ago

    love this… Ive been playing around on the arm chair for a while… but this is soooo great .. will do this a couple of more times and practice on some willing (or not so willing) clients )))

  3. Jon Hawkins

    Wowsers! Just christened my new baby with this workout. I feel every muscle around my waist and back awake and holding me up now. Loved the sidebands and twists. Could have used a spotter myself a few times! It was good to have the options on foot position as I found the lift more with parallel feet so will be working towards getting it with the prayer foot.
    Can’t wait to explore this fantastic piece with you in person in July Kathi and as always thank you for being so generous with your knowledge!

    • Kathi Ross Nash Author

      I can’t wait to play with you on the Baby Chair in July! When I asked Basil, when he was with Gratz, to copy Joe’s chair from Drago’s for me I honestly had no idea just how amazing and important this little baby was. It sat in the corner at Drago’s for years… only coming out for special occasions. Then BAM! Gratz had sent one to the Vegas Romana’s Pilates Convention and she put Michael Levy on it and opened up an incredible new world. She said that almost all of the arm spring exercises could be done on this chair. It rocked and changed my world and my teaching! Enjoy my friend and I can’t wait to see you on your side of the pond!

  4. tracy 5 years ago

    Best hugs ever!

  5. tracy 5 years ago

    See the shaving! Thanks for this!

  6. carocoombs 5 years ago

    Kathi – thank you so much for this! I just got an arm chair and this is an amazing refresher/work out. I haven’t used an arm chair since I was at re:AB (2012-2014) so I am SO appreciative of this video and your amazing instruction. I will be doing this daily, as this is hitting my weak spots! So grateful for this!!! thank you again!

  7. soul_eil

    Hi Kathi, of COURSE I just learned about a hundred things on the arm chair that I never knew. May sound stupid, but I didn’t know, that the whole back stays on the chair while moving it forward. I thought it was a peel off, who knew it could be THIS flippin’ hard to do. Kind of like when you 1st do a Pull Up on the wunda chair, and you think it’s some sort of black magic…whole new world right here…many thanks!

  8. atmock 5 years ago

    God bless you Kathi Ross-Nash for getting this chair back into production at Gratz!!! Just received mine yesterday and I can tell from 2 short workouts that it is going to transform my entire practice in ways I wasn’t able to find connections in on the other apparatus. Joe was genius and so are you!

  9. Reb 6 years ago

    Thanks for a wonderful class Kathi! Great idea the side bending and the twisting. I am going to use the chair to teach someone to do the mermaid without rotation…it’s very hard for him.

  10. Kathi Ross Nash Author

    Thank you sooo much. I just thought binary watched it!!! Lol
    I adore this chair and so thrilled that you knew to relate it to the arm weight series. Can you see the Mat work too????

    • joesmat 6 years ago

      Yes, I visualize the Matwork in some of these exercises to mention but a few – “Back into the Chair” – The 100; Double Leg Stretch and the Reformer on Mat.The connectivity is numerous to my humble understanding.
      I suspect it is common to the RED THREAD!
      Thank you for your help and support. Magic is this.

  11. joesmat 6 years ago

    Interesting that nobody commented on this session!
    Not having the luxury of Apparatus, I took a lot away from this demonstration in that it related so closely to the Standing Arm Weight Series which I practice each week, but, using appropriately heavy hand weights.
    A privilege to be able to share this Instructor wealth of knowledge.

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