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Discover more of your core in this slow paced, strength building Tower session with Niedra. You’ll begin with a magic circle to connect your arms and legs to your center while realigning your hips and shoulders. You’ll then move through arm springs, leg springs, squats, and stretches, all designed to give you more access to the stability and power of your center. Enjoy! Visit Niedra at Spirit Moves.

What Others Are Saying


  1. Lori1 11 months ago

    Just loved this! I found the magic circle between the ankles an especially good tip! I am finally getting the tower portion of my reformer tomorrow and this will be my go to class!

  2. ladydrescher 11 months ago

    I absolutely loved this tower workout … fantastic cueing and great focus! Thanks!

  3. hadrianus
    hadrianus 11 months ago

    Absolutely marvelous!! Thank you! this is tomorrows focus for sure!!

  4. Susan_1961 11 months ago

    Awesome workout! I will add too my weekly repertoire as it is a great reminder to focus on connections and will help make all other workouts better. Thank you so much!!!

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