Beginner Pilates Workout Series with Susan Moran

ClassicFit Progression – Class 1 of 5

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Our ClassicFit progressive series is a perfect introduction or refresher for anyone coming back to Pilates! In this first class, Pilates expert Susan Moran Sheehy and her student Alwyn McCormick take you through several Pre-Pilates exercises aimed at organizing your pelvis, mobilizing your spine, and learning through movement the concepts of Pilates. You’ll then move on to stretch and strengthen your whole body for a workout that brings changes to your core and balance in just 1 session. Make it a daily practice for major results! For Teacher Training, group classes, lessons and more, visit Susan at the Loft at Philosofit in East Hampton, NY. Next Class Quick Start Home

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  1. NancyF 4 months ago

    very nice. I’m not as regular with Pilates as I should be so this kind of work rebalances me.

  2. tanze26 6 months ago

    Fantastic cues! Very helpful as I return to pilates!

  3. Emixon12 6 months ago

    Hi, Susan! Thank you for putting this series together and for your regular cues.

    I started doing Pilates a little over a month ago and have worked out 5+ days a week since then. I decided to come back to your ClassicFit series to really reinforce some of the basics.

    Some feedback for you regarding this class – the first ~30-35 minutes are very slow and methodical as I would expect a pre-Pilates, basic course to move. Starting with the side leg kicks and seal the pace picked up significantly and the “prep” and instructions decreased significantly. I’m not sure if this is intentional, if there was a time limit target that caused this, or if it was just a mishap , but I wanted to share my feedback. While I’ve gotten better at the side kicks, the seal is one I’ve struggled with (as I’ve heard many others do as well), so I was disappointed that the pace and setup for it were more like a basic/intermediate class with slightly faster pace.

    Just wanted to provide the feedback! Thank you again.

  4. Pilates_Lover 9 months ago

    This is brilliant! Thank you Susan!

  5. AnnaDZullo 1 year ago

    Beautiful Pre-pilates intro Susan! Thank you! Love your cuing!

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