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Our ClassicFit progressive series is a perfect introduction or refresher for anyone coming back to Pilates! In this first class, Pilates expert Susan Moran Sheehy and her student Alwyn McCormick take you through several Pre-Pilates exercises aimed at organizing your pelvis, mobilizing your spine, and learning through movement the concepts of Pilates. You’ll then move on to stretch and strengthen your whole body for a workout that brings changes to your core and balance in just 1 session. Make it a daily practice for major results! For Teacher Training, group classes, lessons and more, visit Susan at the Loft at Philosofit in East Hampton, NY. Next Class Quick Start Home

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  1. Pilates_Lover 2 weeks ago

    This is brilliant! Thank you Susan!

  2. AnnaDZullo 7 months ago

    Beautiful Pre-pilates intro Susan! Thank you! Love your cuing!

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