Creating & Using Custom Playlists - Pilatesology

Creating & Using Custom Playlists

Creating & Using Custom Playlists

Please CLICK HERE to see our Playlist Get Started Page!

How to CREATE your own Custom Playlist:

  1. Select ‘Playlist Manager’ from the ‘My Pilatesology’ dropdown
  2. Select ‘My Playlists’ tab at top
  3. Select ‘Create New Playlist’
  4. Your new playlist will appear at top and look like this: New Playlist with a zero after: 0
  5. Click ‘Rename’ to name your new playlist
  6. Now let’s go add some classes to your playlist!

How to ADD classes to your Playlist:

  1. Select the ‘+’ icon on any thumbnail on the website
  2. A small dropdown will appear with a list of your Playlists
  3. Simply select the Playlist of your choice to add the class
  4. Add as many classes as you like. Boom!
  5. You can rearrange the classes from your Playlist Manager!
  6. The zero will change to the number of classes in your Playlist

How to SHARE your playlist

  1. Open your Playlist Manager
  2. Select the ‘My Playlists’ tab at top to view all your Playlists
  3. Click ‘Share This Playlist’ button to allow other subscribers to ‘follow’ your Playlist. Other subscribers cannot edit your Playlist
Alisa Wyatt