Pilatesology’s Slow Basics Classes Are The Best Pilates For Beginners

slow basics for beginners

Pilatesology’s Slow Basics Classes Are The Best Pilates For Beginners

New to Pilates? Regular sessions lead to better flexibility, increased muscle strength, improved balance, and a general sense of wellbeing!

If you’re ready to reap the benefits of Pilates but are a total beginner, have no fear. Pilatesology’s Slow Basics Classes are the perfect introduction to Pilates. Let’s get flexible!

What are Pilatesology’s Slow Basics Classes?

We’ve taken all the Pilatesology elements you know and love, and taken the tempo down a notch. We take you through each move step-by-step, with lots of detail to help you achieve proper alignment.

Who should take these classes?Slow Basics Pilates Workout with Niedra Gabriel

Our Slow Basics classes are perfect for beginners looking for a gentle introduction to Pilates. They’re also a great way to re-introduce yourself to Pilates, and for Pilates pros looking to mix up their flow and get back to basics.

What should I expect from a Slow Basics Class?

Expect a slower flow than our Intermediate and Advanced classes with the same amount of fun and energy! Take five minutes out of your day for a quick practice or dedicate an hour for a more transformative flow. Our Slow Basics classes are great for any schedule, just pick and choose the classes that work for you!

What makes these classes special?

We know how hectic your days can be. With busy work, family, and personal schedules, it’s important to slow down and practice self-care and these classes are deeply restorative for your body and mind.

Our Slow Basics Classes are the perfect way to learn and grow your Pilates skills, as we focus on each move for longer. Get expert instruction at a lighter level, suitable for everyone!

How should I fit these classes into my routine?

The beauty of our Slow Basics classes is that there’s no set plan to follow. You can do as many or as little as you like, whether that’s a quick flow once a week or a longer practice each day.

If you consider yourself a Pilatesology athlete, try a Slow Basics Class to add balance to your routine. And for total beginners, workout at your own pace and build up to our Intermediate classes.

Just click here to check out all our Slow Basics Classes.

Have fun, challenge yourself, and be prepared to get the Pilatesology bug!

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