Navigating the Pandemic: Pilates Instructors Edition

navigating the pandemic: pilates instructor edition

Navigating the Pandemic: Pilates Instructors Edition

In this time of crazy uncertainty I want to offer the knowledge I have to help you navigate this new world. Luckily, there are so many options at our fingertips these days and I’ve already made all of the mistakes so you don’t have to.

Whether it’s about moving your private in-studio clients to a live video session or creating new group classes via video chat, there are great options you can use to continue your livelihood while keeping your clients both physically and mentally healthy!

Here are the platforms I have found useful:


Zoom offers 3 different categories for either a single business owner or a studio with a variable amount of employees. Rates vary from $15/per month to $20/per month. Important to know: it’s free for your clients! Also, if you do not want to pay for the service, they offer a FREE version, but it only allows for one-on-one meetings and only up to 40 minutes – so this could be a great choice if you only wanted to offer 30 minute sessions.

4 Easy Steps
1) Register for an account
2) Once an appointment is booked, schedule a meeting
3) Once scheduled, go to the meetings tab and copy the invitation to email to your client
4) Go to Meetings tab, click on the meeting time that is appropriate and click Start 


Skype is a service FREE of charge, and can have an unlimited amount of people on a call.

4 Easy Steps
1) Download the app on phone, computer or tablet.
2) Click “Meet Now”
3) Click Share Invite to copy the link
4) Email or text the link to your client(s)
5) Click “Start Meeting” to begin session

FaceTime and Google Hangouts are also free options, but not as reliable service-wise. Zoom is my top pick, with Skype as a good runner up. Whichever service you choose, I have found that using the Google Chrome browser is the best for easy streaming. I have my clients use it too.

The most important thing to know for all of these services:  make sure you have a strong internet connection! I personally go old-school and use my ethernet cord to connect vs. wifi to ensure a solid connection, but as long as your connection is strong you are good to go!

How to announce your schedule to clients:

My number one suggestion is to use all of the social media tools available to you!

1) Create a text document with your times and availability:

2) Create an Instagram story about your video sessions and availability, and follow it with a story listing available times or your email address to discuss further.

3) Post your availability on your feed as well.

4) Do these steps again on Facebook.

4) Send an email to all of your clients with all of this information. Ask clients to share, spreading the word for someone they love is something they will be happy to do!

Some other suggestions:

Utilize this time to not only market yourself but to possibly reinvent yourself! So many options!!

1) You can post LIVE mini workouts on Instagram or Facebook.

2) Offer an intro session via video chat for Free, to show you care about your client’s comfort and want to continue to make sure they are in a safe space to stay healthy. Your time is valuable, but view this as a way to show your commitment to them and you may be surprised by the commitment they in turn will show to you!

3) If you have never offered group class sessions before, you can open that up as an option – and make it donation based – so it’s a win-win. I am a full believer that the more you put yourself out there in an authentic manner the more people will show their appreciation :).

I hope this has been helpful and know I am here to help you continue to be as successful and as fulfilled as possible. We are a community and I am here to support you in any way I can. Stay well and stay safe! ~ Marina

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