Don’t move more, move better

don't move more, move better

Many of you are starting 2018 with resolutions to workout. If health is your goal, please don’t “just move more,” move better.

This phrase stuck out for me in a post by Dallas Hartwig, one of the founders of the Whole 30, a month-long way of eating which changed the way look at food in the same way that Pilates changed the way I move. In both cases the common denominator comes down to: being present for what you’re doing.

Which is hard to do in a fast-paced electronic society where we are being pushed to pay attention to many things at the same time.

For me,  that means I’m going to look at my workouts as an opportunity for self-care; as a way to move in a way that makes me feel good now and gives my body what it needs for longevity.

Alisa doing Rolling Like a Ball

When I Roll Like a Ball, if my neck is stiff one morning, I’ll be paying attention to how I can achieve the goal (massaging the spine) while letting go of the tension in my neck.

By moving better you will – over time – keep all of your parts in working order and, to paraphrase Joe Pilates, 60 with a flexible spine is young. Because the ultimate goal is a body that can take on any adventure you choose no matter what your age.

What does moving better mean for you?

I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments below…


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