Wunda Chair Shorts – Bum Knees & Stiff Backs

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In this quick teaching tips video, Clare shares exercises and alignment cues for delicate knees and stiff backs. Her student Tina had knee surgery and Clare uses these key exercises on the Wunda chair to address post-op imbalances and rebuild strength as well as help Tina learn to bend her stiff spine. Visit Clare at Progressive Bodyworks and explore her new program for studio owners: Pilates Avatar.

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  1. Harmonyblu 6 years ago

    I thought this was delightful!!

  2. Carolyne_Ergin

    So inspiring, but,….nothing new 😉

  3. soul_eil

    Loved this short problem solver, I am a bit lordotic and had and ankle fx with a surgical repair, got metal out a couple years ago, but there still the compensations… So this worked well for me also☀️

    • Clare Dunphy Hemani Author
      Clare Dunphy Hemani 6 years ago

      Ah, so glad to hear from you and thrilled to know it worked for your compensations as well. Amazing how a few simple exercises done with good alignment through the entire body can make such a positive difference. Thanks for watching!

  4. Lavosky
    Lavosky 6 years ago

    Nice video with good ideas for working with clients with knee disorders. I also enjoyed your long box video, especially the modifications for introducing teaser on the box. Interesting studio with all that wood! Was it a carriage house at some point in the past?

    Thomas Lavosky, DPT, Cert. MDT, PMA-CPT

    • Clare Dunphy Hemani Author
      Clare Dunphy Hemani 6 years ago

      Thanks Thomas! I appreciate your comments. And yes, the studio is in a 203 year old carriage house. It’s a fabulous place so if you are ever in the neighborhood, come in for a session!

  5. joesmat 6 years ago

    Not for me to say as a mat only student, but, it seemed to my eyes that the lady demonstrating – Tina – was really quite accomplished, and did these challenging exercises, very well indeed. Great work Tina!
    Pity we did did not get alternative options for doing them on the Mat!

    • Clare Dunphy Hemani Author
      Clare Dunphy Hemani 6 years ago

      Tina has certainly worked hard to get to where she is today, but it wasn’t always that way! When she first started, she was as wiggly as any newcomer to the chair. The wunda chair is the great equalizer:)
      Also, I love your idea about showing options on the mat, something to put on my list for the next filming! Thank-you!
      What else are you interested in seeing?

      • joesmat 6 years ago

        Thank you kindly for your interest.
        I do look forward to future videos demonstrating the Wunda Chair exercises, but, taken to the mat. Please do give the name of each exercise.
        I believe very few Pilates devotees have access regularily to the best Apparatus, therefore, perhaps, Mr Pilates recognised this and decided to produce Return to Life, plus, the additional option of buying a Wunda Chair from him.
        So if you are willing to take the strengthening exercises that he used springs for, and are so infrequently seen to-day, and offer an alternative, perhaps, in standing, that would be of great benefit. We know Athletes use alternatives to-day.
        Surely the definition of “Pure” in Pilates is equalising effect and benefit.
        Apologies for the delay in responding to your offer, but I had to think about it a little!

        • Clare Dunphy Hemani Author
          Clare Dunphy Hemani 6 years ago

          I will give it a try!

          • joesmat 6 years ago

            Wonderful, looking forward to it and thanks you Clare.

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