Pilates Intermediate Mat Workout with Lynann Escatel

Uplifting Intermediate Mat

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Lynanne's lovely voice makes this Intermediate mat class feel like a fresh spring breeze. Her cues will keep you working hard while simultaneously learning to let go of the areas of tension you don't need. Lynanne has been riding a motorcycle a lot lately and the weight of her helmet has been giving her a stiff neck and shoulders. If you too, carry the weight of the world on your shoulders, you will enjoy the attention she gives this important area. She ends the workout with her own version of the Standing Arm Weight Series as well as the Castanets, which is a surprisingly challenging hand exercise that will leave you with a smile or perhaps a look of consternation. Filmed at American Body Tech, Kathryn Ross-Nash’s Allendale, NJ studio.

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  1. Kerry 5 years ago

    Just found this one…nice flow, enjoyed the ending as well. Thank you!!

  2. Susan Andrews 6 years ago

    Three words – More. Lynann. Please.

  3. Debbie Ingram
    Debbie Ingram 6 years ago

    Great Job! Perfect for a 30 minute, intermediate Mat! I had forgotten some of the repertoire for the “standing castanet” and use of Arm Weights, as well. Many thanks for the “correct & instructional/visual” guidance/reminder. I will now be able to resume incorporating this into my own routine, as well as, sharing it with others.

  4. susancarroll 6 years ago

    Just getting back into my workouts. Lynann was easy to follow. Great pace!!!

  5. tempodono 7 years ago

    Loved this class. I needed the arm/shoulder help and the castanet thing was so interesting. Thankyou!

  6. rfmullane

    I loved watching this class with Lynann! I always like to hear other ways of cueing. Thank you so much for this. 🙂

  7. zacray 8 years ago

    Perfect 30 min class! And LOVED your tips throughout.

  8. presspaws
    presspaws 8 years ago

    What wonderful tempo and musicality there is to the instruction on this one!

    • Lynann Escatel Author
      Lynann Escatel 8 years ago

      that is an amazing compliment, thank you.

  9. Leolady 8 years ago

    I loved the fact that you didn’t let your explanations and cues interfere with the flow – and whilst explanations are always great, this is especially relevant if one repeats the workout and has to ‘wait around’ (without moving or exercising) while listening to the same explanations every time you repeat the session. Well done, you make a good video presenter!

    Also loved the standing rowing – never seen that before…

  10. Kathi Ross Nash

    all I can say is
    YOU ROCK!!!!!! this was great! great pace and energy
    such a great model too!!!!

  11. Thanks Lynann for this class…I had so much fun filming it with you…See you soon!!

  12. Lynann Escatel Author
    Lynann Escatel 8 years ago

    Thank you! I had so much fun filming this.

    • joesmat 8 years ago

      With the NECK PULL EXERCISE I was interested to see that you like to do a few repetitions starting in a supine position with the arms down on the mat by your sides, and then roll up reaching the arms all the way along the side of the legs. Was this pre-Neck Pull variation introduced by Romana?
      Thanking you.

  13. lainey48 8 years ago

    Great class.Loved the way you worked through the exercises quickly but throughly. Loved using the weights and your exercises for your neck and hands.

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