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Find out what it was like to take class with Joe Pilates as a young dancer. Your teacher Sonjé Mayo was exactly that, and in this workout she shares the key detail that Joe insisted upon. Sonjé calls it the 'Vertical Pelvis' and if you’ve never practiced this way you’re in for a humbling and body changing experience. Learn what true stability feels like, why your body might have different needs than your neighbor's and how much it adds to the advanced moves you already know. For teacher training, lessons and Scroth work, visit Sonjé Mayo at http://Sonjé

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  1. darien
    darien 2 weeks ago

    Sonje, your focus on the rib cage has been a revelation for me on the mat work. My focus has usually been the TA connection into the low back. But as I’ve observed and practiced with some of your other videos, the ribcage focus has opened my breathing in a new and fantastic way! Thank you so much for your insights and for sharing Joe’s original intentions. I wonder why Romana made the decision to change certain exercises like Side Bend (you refer to it as Full Mermaid?) and Seal.
    I’m grateful to Alisa and Jack for presenting these amazing and helpful lesson😘

  2. AHORRY 2 months ago

    Guten Tag Sonje! You are such an amazing teacher…. I felt as though I was having a class with Joe! I love the enthusiasm you bring to the workout…. I totally respect your work! Missed taking class with you in Las Vegas but will make sure to make it very very soon! My Pilates brother Robert told me what an brilliant teacher you are… now I really know!!

    • Sonje Mayo Author
      Sonje Mayo 2 months ago

      Vielen Dank for your wonderful feedback. I hope to meet you some day!

  3. Mudrapilates 6 months ago

    I loved this class. Thank you. You are such an incredible teacher.

    • Sonje Mayo Author
      Sonje Mayo 6 months ago

      Thank you for your praise……I strive to continue improving!

  4. Katie 10 months ago

    Thank you for sharing so much knowledge. A fantastic class.

    • Sonje Mayo Author
      Sonje Mayo 10 months ago

      Great to hear from a Pilates enthusiast across the pond!

  5. KathyJanke 1 year ago

    Great advanced class! Loved the “cactus” cue vs. the “beach ball” cue. It drives the point home about pulling navel to spine. Thank you!

    • Sonje Mayo Author
      Sonje Mayo 1 year ago

      I am delighted that you found these cues helpful…..I am all about working with imagery!.

  6. BrendaKorb 1 year ago

    Sonje I am sooo happy to have found you again! Great class with tremendous insight. Danced with you many years ago with Debbie and Tracy in SA. Look forward to following you and continue learning from you xxxx

    • Sonje Mayo Author
      Sonje Mayo 1 year ago

      Oh wow China… good to hear a voice from the past! It appears that many dancing gypsies have pursued Pilates!!
      I am so happy that you have found me!

  7. Gina Jackson 1 year ago

    Delicious! Thank you. Look forward to more from you.

    • Sonje Mayo Author
      Sonje Mayo 1 year ago

      Thank you! I look forward to giving you more….

  8. Jyc268 1 year ago

    Question about the cue to crack a walnut between blades during the control balance front. Can you please explain why? I always learned to keep shoulder blades wide and flat across back to keep serratus engaged. Thanks!

    • Sonje Mayo Author
      Sonje Mayo 1 year ago

      You are quite correct.
      I only use ‘cracking the walnut’ if I see a rounded thoracic area, which is common.
      If they go to the other extreme and ‘hang’ through, I will use “broaden the back, spread your wings” to achieve the required flatness.
      It is all about attaining equal length front and back.

  9. Tracy Sue Du Plessis 2 years ago

    Brilliant, loved the cactus analogy and all the other cues, thank you!!!!

  10. Victoria Sommer 2 years ago

    Wow what a wonderful class, loved the cues. .thank you!

  11. Thank you! Very interesting and challenging class. . Greatimgs from Italy!

  12. Andrea
    Andrea 2 years ago

    What a great class! Thank you so much! It reminded me of my very first matclass as a client. I was told to find a house for the mouse in side kicks! Greetings from Austria!

    • Sonje Mayo Author
      Sonje Mayo 2 years ago

      Guten Tag Andrea! I am delighted that you enjoyed the class.

  13. Cheryl Maher
    Cheryl Maher 2 years ago

    Sonje! Thank you for your awesome workshop at The Pilates Method! Over the past couple days, I have been getting positive feedback from the instructors who attended. The verticle pelivs makes sense! I started right away with the clients who could not do a roll up or had a hard time. Like magic! They are doing a roll up! We added the nice D foam positioning pillow, got their tailbone long and they can do a roll up. Thank you!!!
    Cheryl Maher

    • Sonje Mayo Author
      Sonje Mayo 2 years ago

      Thanks Cheryl It is truly Joe’s magic and I was so happy to pass it on at The Pilates Method studio workshop.

  14. Soulbodyworks 2 years ago

    Absolutely loved the depth of this class, Sonje. Really looking forward to your workshops in Dallas next month!

    • Sonje Mayo Author
      Sonje Mayo 2 years ago

      Great! I am looking forward to it too!

  15. robertapilates 2 years ago

    Amazing work and cues! Thank you!!!

    • Sonje Mayo Author
      Sonje Mayo 2 years ago

      Thanks Robert. Hopefully the cues will give your clients new insight.

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