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Get ready for a workout! In this session Jay Grimes leads a group of instructors through the original mat exercises as Joe Pilates taught them to him. Stay tuned for the second part of this session in which he breaks down the exercises taught here. Visit Jay at Our thanks go to Murat Berkin and his Classical Pilates Conference Istanbul where this was filmed.

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  1. Maria Hammond

    Love this video…going to keep watching, great to do as well….slowly getting back into it after 5 months off recovery! Boy is it hard….but I know i will get back there soon! Love the comments from Jay…especially its only a basic mat class!!!

  2. Theodora
    Theodora 5 years ago

    Oh dear, that girl demonstrating the long stretch series in the beginning was a seriously frustrating choice for a model!!

    • Theodora
      Theodora 5 years ago

      Oops, wrong comment, wrong video, sorry! And since I can’t delete it, please disregard!

  3. carmen
    carmen 5 years ago

    “It’s just a basic mat…” HA! Love it! That’s why we must practice our Pilates (mat especially) daily. Joseph Pilates instructed this in his Return To Life. I’ve learned my lesson that I run out of gas and it’s not fun when I don’t practice.

  4. Piyamas Srisawat 5 years ago

    Great workshop give me a great sweat !!! Thanks Jay!!

  5. Jennifer Allen

    I love Jay! Thank you!!

  6. Luz Alejandra Lovern

    A Gem Alive! love it!!! spice, juice, genius mind! Great work out in less the 30 min all the Classical Pilates Mat Work alive!

    thanks Pilatesology for share, thanks to all that we are in love with this wonderful discipline. Thanks Mr. Jay and Murat.

  7. DKimbro 5 years ago

    “Use your stomach, use your back. Make your big toe your best friend…wherever it goes, the leg will follow”. I love Jay!

  8. joesmat 5 years ago

    Observed this mat with Jay Grimes twice, as it is seldom we see this great Gentleman Teaching Mr Pilates Mat, before following it through on my mat.

    Of particular note –

    1. Reference throughout to work your back body. Seldom spoken about. Hugely important as I have come to learn in recent years,.

    2. Simple cues and keep moving it’s exercise.

    3. Don’t grab hold of the edge of your mat (High Mat) in Spine Stretch Forward, use your back.

    4. I recorded 38 exercises in less than 30 minutes.

    5. Jay grabs the ladies feet in the Push Up Series in Standing, and walks heels together and toes apart stance. Wonderful!

    The final cue of all cues ” Wait for me I am the Boss” . A Gem!

    Don’t keep us waiting Alisa to observe and study part 2 where Jay teaches and breaks down each exercise!

    Always a privilege for the Home Practitioner.

    4. Don’t try to kick your ear were not in Ballet!

    • joesmat 5 years ago

      Apologies, item numbered (4 ) Don’t try to kick your ear were not in Ballet! Should be number 6 and not the final sentence.
      Happy New Year.

  9. joelcrosby

    That was great to watch and follow along with. Thanks Jay and Murat.

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