The Magic Workout

The Magic Workout

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The magic of this workout is that it engages your core in every exercise. You’ll get results all over because connecting to your center boosts circulation, reduces inflammation, strengthens joints and keeps you young! Best of all, Gloria and her student Nina go through her series quickly with easy to follow details so that you can make it part of your morning routine. For Teacher Training, lessons and more, visit Gloria at Studio Pilates di Gloria Gasperi. Our thanks to Pilates B, Denmark where this was filmed.

What Others Are Saying


  1. Kerry 2 months ago

    Gloria, love your teaching and your accent…it adds a little something always!! So much fun even as you kill us!!

  2. Pfplus 6 months ago

    Ciao Bella!! I loved this workout Gloria! It’s always so nice to hear your soothing voice!! Tanti Baci!!!! XO

  3. Prafferty5
    Prafferty5 1 year ago

    Super body & mind workout!
    An absolutely wonderful connection too between teacher & client ???? Bravissima Nina e Gloria come sempre sei affascinante XX

  4. letters123 2 years ago

    This was awesome! Also loved the series of five ! Way to get out of the shoulders!!
    Thank you Gloria!

  5. robertapilates 2 years ago

    Isn’t that magic? 🙂

  6. tllyon 2 years ago

    “It’s simple”. Haha, Nina you made that look easy! Gloria was killing you with her smile while getting you to eek out just a little more on each repetition. Well done! I can’t wait to try it, especially the ab series! XO to you Gloria!

    • Gloria Gasperi Author

      My dear Tina! Thank you sooo much! I really hope you will enjoy the workout as much as I liked to film it, thanks to the super Nina!????

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