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Join Molly in this quick, complete workout on the Small Barrel. You’ll have fun following her creative sequence blending classical exercises from the Mat and Reformer on the Barrel, along with the full body stretches that the Small Barrel is known for. Enjoy!

What Others Are Saying


  1. TracyWCorvo 3 years ago

    Loved this! Simple and effective. Thank you!

    • Molly Niles Renshaw Author
      Molly Niles Renshaw 3 years ago

      You’re welcome! Thanks for watching!

  2. Ceto02
    Ceto02 4 years ago

    I love these simple exercises on the small barrel. A big thank you from Switzerland to you Molly!

    • Molly Niles Renshaw Author
      Molly Niles Renshaw 4 years ago

      So glad you liked it from Switzerland! Thanks for watching!

  3. Lucerobarry
    Lucerobarry 4 years ago

    Loved it! Thank you. I needed to do a small workout and this was perfect!!

  4. robertapilates 4 years ago

    Bello! Grazie ????

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