Simona Cipriani's Memories of Romana at SUNY Purchase College - Pilatesology

Simona Cipriani’s Memories of Romana at SUNY Purchase College

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Simona Cipriani began her Pilates education while in the dance department at SUNY Purchase with Romana Kryzanowska in the early 1990s.  She later was trained to teach the method and worked with Romana and Sean Gallagher to bring the method to Italy.  In this interview with Alisa Wyatt, Simona recalls her mat classes, training and her memories of Romana as a generous and gifted teacher.  She discusses her dynamic and immersive apprenticeship at Drago’s gym and the treasure trove of resources, photographs and videos that were available to young teachers at that time.   You will enjoy this wonderful portrait of what it was like to be an apprentice to Romana in the early years of teaching the method. Filmed at Pilatesology Studio.  Find Simona at

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  1. Mary
    Mary 4 days ago

    Great interview. Thank you both for focusing on what matters most.

    • Simona Cipriani Author
      Simona Cipriani 4 days ago

      Thank you Mary
      I really appreciate your comment…
      Never forget where we came from 🌺
      Stay well

  2. Liisa S.T. Johannsson 1 week ago

    Hi Simona, it was really nice to listen to your thoughts of Pilates. I feel the same about meditation, I thought I was crazy. I even studied Meditation with David Lynch, 2008 when he came to iceland, Pilates works better for me. I started year 1993 at Purchase , Alycea Ungaro and Maria Vorrias were with me. i have a picture of the group. I think I have put it in my FB, so you can see. anyway thank you so much for your chat , loved it, stay safe and healthy <3

    • Simona Cipriani Author
      Simona Cipriani 1 week ago

      Hi Liisaaaaa!!!!
      I remember you…it is so good to reconnect!
      Thank you for your comment and for the memories…
      I will email you soon … would love to talk more:):):)
      Stay well,

    • Alisa Wyatt

      Hi Liisa!! xoxo

  3. gumasx 1 week ago

    Great interview!! Thank you, Simona and Alisa.

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