Short Box Circus – Tips Goals and Variations

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Does the Short Box drive you batty? Get Kathi’s tips and you’ll fall in love with this series! This quick video covers all the places you can do the short box in the full studio, plus the benefits, goals and variations of each, including: Reformer with the box in Short position; seated high on the Ladder Barrel; using the Cadillac Roll Back Bar; legs low on the Ladder Barrel; Reformer with the box in Long position; seated on the Spine Corrector; and on the Mat. For info on training with Kathi visit:

What Others Are Saying


  1. kellyja9 2 years ago

    Love this! With short box on the high barrel standing where are the feet placed? Thanks again Kathi this was a great video to really connect the tree to so many other exercises! 🙂

  2. 3 years later and this is a new training video for me to watch and experience! Thank you Kathi and Pilatesology!

  3. Lisa Reed 6 years ago

    This is great! Thank you

  4. annbd 6 years ago

    Kathi, this is great- love the variations. One of your best ever!

  5. lili.viola

    Amazing! The Red Thread in 10 minutes beautifully demonstrated.

  6. jenna 6 years ago

    why is classical tree the foundation

    • Kathi Ross Nash Author

      Look at the foundational exercises ( basic) if you will- look at the how to use the Gratz basic mat- then look at the core and heart and soul work ( intermediate ) and see if you can find the foundational exercise in them…
      The Tree is part in the hundred the roll up the leg circles…
      The foundational exercises – all of them are in each and every exercises. I just find the tree to be an easy one to see

  7. joesmat 6 years ago

    The Classical Tree is the foundation of all the work?

    Can you possibly explain why?

    Thank you kindly.

  8. soul_eil

    Since apparently I will never be in the same room with you, I milk every cue out of your videos. Thank you!

  9. Reb 6 years ago

    What’s not to love? Another great class. Loved using the high barrel while standing. Thank you for sharing, Kathi!

  10. pilatesangel 6 years ago

    Fun to watch, some new places for me and all the lovely ladies rocked the short box! But, mostly Kathi you rocked that outfit….love the wedges…Pilates body to the test! Awesome!

  11. Kate Burdett
    Kate Burdett 6 years ago

    So cool to see it on various pieces!! Thank u xx :))

  12. kathy taylor 6 years ago

    SO well done! Always a gift when you share! More!!!!

  13. Kathi Ross Nash Author

    I love watching this and seeing the girls execute such lovely work… the lighting, the movement, the energy! Love Love Love

  14. Lynann Escatel
    Lynann Escatel 6 years ago

    Always a blast when Jack and Alyssa come to town! Thanks pilatesology!

  15. ladyjane 6 years ago

    Fabulous ladies! Loved the long box variation for the new person and the ladder barrel variation with the feet on the floor,very nice ! Thank you-:)

  16. Beautiful!! So much fun this was 🙂

  17. Davamadez
    Davamadez 6 years ago

    Well done Girls! What did you do with tthe guys?

  18. lorindemase 6 years ago

    Love love it…. so beautiful to watch all together!

  19. DKimbro 6 years ago

    My kind of circus! Very cool!

  20. lghammerle

    There’s magic in the room with all of us working together!

  21. Joelleschildkraut 6 years ago

    Loved it ! As always…:)

  22. Kathi Ross Nash Author

    I was so excited to see this! The Girls ROCKED it!

  23. pilatesgal50 6 years ago

    So cool to see them all at the same time. Very, very nice!

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