Sean & Elaine – The 4 Airplane Boards

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In the Pilates archives Sean Gallagher and Elaine Ewing discovered 3 unknown Airplane Boards (in addition to the one in use today) that Joe Pilates used for various purposes, from neck exercises to strengthening one leg and more. Sean and Elaine recreated the boards and share pictures of them in use from Joe’s archives, as well as a live demonstration of each board in action. Want to experience these Airplane Boards in action? Visit Sean and Elaine’s Etsy store to purchase them. Visit Sean at The New York Pilates Studio and Elaine at Rhinebeck Pilates.

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  1. Sean Gallagher Author
    Sean Gallagher 7 months ago

    Piccolopilates thank you, looking forward to seeing you at pilates at the Pillow™️ In April where we will be presenting for the first time Joe’s spine corrector and small barrel made from his original blueprints and actual apparatus. As well as teaching the exercises from his written words, archival film and photographs.

    We will be doing the airplane boards workshop in the Fall 2020 Pilates at the Pillow™️ Conference if anyone is interested in learning on the reproductions and from a deep dive into the archives for these apparatus of exercises not seen since Joe’s passing over50 years ago🤓

    Open to studio teachers comprehensively trained from any school.

  2. piccolopilates 7 months ago

    Hoping to get to The Pillow this spring! Thanks Sean and Elaine for the educational and informational insight to this wonderful apparatus.

  3. Sean Gallagher Author
    Sean Gallagher 9 months ago

    Thank You Nicole, Elaine and I are working hard to bring back Joe’s work as close to what he actually taught as possible and that includes bringing back lost apparatus that hasn’t been used for a long time. It clear he was using it in his studio as there is ample photographic evidence of such. Glad you have enjoyed or conferences Pilates At the Pillow™ what better place to bring Joe’s work back to studio teachers than where he taught in and even developed some of it. Looking forward to seeing you at the next one.

  4. nicolefrederic 11 months ago

    So grateful that Sean and Elaine are sharing this lost work and apparatus. I makes so much sense!!! Can’t wait for my next visit at the Pillow.

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