Pilates Mat Class with Pilatesology's Niedra Gabriel

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In this wonderfully informative class you’ll join Diana for a first time workout that will get you moving and help you see that the body is a system that heals itself. Niedra shares a simple solution for working around Diana’s foot injury and goes right into the vital exercise that will speed the healing process. This is the way Joe Pilates himself dealt with injuries--he simply worked around them, as did Niedra’s own teacher Romana, who taught Niedra that Pilates is not a formula or script, rather it’s an art and science that requires common sense and problem solving to get the most out of each body. Whether you’re working out along with Diana or observing to learn Niedra’s cues, you’ll finish this session feeling accomplished and in charge, which is a true gift whether or not your dealing with a frustrating injury. You can train with and learn to teach with Niedra at Mind2Body Studio in Sherman Oaks, California where this class was filmed. Visit Niedra’s website at: www.spirit-moves.com.

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  1. joesmat 7 years ago

    Simply a delight to observe Diane doing the matwork. Great credit to the lady.

  2. troyhyatt 7 years ago

    What a fantastic class! I did this class today and it was a wonderful “back to basics,” which is always important to do. I love Niedra’s style of teaching and I learned a lot. Thanks.

  3. FrankZito

    Isn’t Niedra wonderful?

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