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This class was originally designed for students who are rehabilitating after injury or surgery, or want to learn how to exercise without pain. All students learn the classical mat and work at their own pace because each student is at a different level. Students learn how to care for their individual needs without sacrificing their workout. Class discussions include, How to breathe naturally, How to tune in with your body, What to do when my neck or back are hurting, How to take the principles of the mat into seated exercises and standing exercises. Filmed at Vintage Pilates, Los Angeles, CA.

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  1. suzy
    suzy 4 years ago

    sandy, this class is great to see as it represents a majority of clients with different issues! This is very real today and useful for clients with different issues to give them a sense of achievement and a goal to work towards!

    • Sandy Shimoda Author

      Suzy, I agree! The goal is to guide them back into good health by challenging their limitations and showing them how resilient their bodies are.

  2. cara10 8 years ago

    This is great! I appreciate the breakdown of the single leg kick, double leg kick and especially teaser. Teaser is a challenge for those injured clients and Sandy’s presentation was incredibly helpful!!

  3. Sandy, thank you very much for this lesson…
    the first aspect I found very important is the BREATH; I think it’s something often “over-taught” and so it’s easy to find lot of tension on it, loosing the focus on the MOVEMENT; in this class I found a very good attention on how hard it is to breath naturally (and to be aware of a natural breathing) and how much it’s important to keep the work strong and effortless at the same time.

    It’s very interesting to see how different and specific diseases can work together, creating balance beetween personal workout and positive aspects of working in a group, like sharing feelings, observe other bodies and “use” others for your own memory; related to this I also found very interesting the fact to do the full workout first and then go again in specific exercises to feel them deeper, correct the movement patterns that create pain and grow in the awarness… The fact that these people usually work on their own too, I think it’s fundamental to make them aware of where their pain come from and how to avoid it… to encourage the autonomy of the clients it’s one of the most important things I’ve learned working with Vintage team….

    I think the exercise to theach teaser is really great…

    Finally I say that work with peopke with some specific problem is really important to understand The “heart” of the work…

    Only one question Sandy: These people started directly from Mat group classes or they took some private on Apparatus first? and going on ? only Mat now??

    Thank you very very for all your work, to you and Alysa and Jack with precious Pilatesolgy

    Ciao ciao


    • Sandy Shimoda Author

      gloria – thank you for your comments. For me, this class in untraditional in many ways. I slow down and address individual problems throughout the class. I teach each person how to make adjustments for their own bodies and I encourage them not to push themselves to re-injury but focus on building strength and stamina.

      Most of these people started with this mat class but if I get a new student who has serious physical limitations I give them the option of taking 1 or 2 private sessions before joining the class. None of these students have worked on the apparatus but all of them would do very well if they transitioned to the equipment because now they understand the basic principles of the exercises and could more safely add the use of springs and straps to deepen their work.

      ciao ciao a te

  4. joesmat 8 years ago

    Thank you for your comprehensive reply and confirming that it came from Romana’s Teaching.Most interesting indeed.

  5. Sandy Shimoda Author

    Hi! Good question. The goal for every student is to help them achieve the mat exercises the way Joe designed them. For THIS class, every exercise has been broken down for learning purposes and to care for each person’s injuries AND each week I take them closer to the original exercise. The ultimate goal is for them to build up strength and control to do a complete mat routine that is not broken down. Some of them have already achieved that goal since the taping! The teaser with one leg was taught to me by Romana and is one way to help a student progress toward a complete teaser.

  6. joesmat 8 years ago

    May I ask please, if the exercise you referred to as a PREP EXERCISE FOR TEASER is one you evolved yourself, or does it come from the original Methodology? Thank you.

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