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In this quick tips video for teachers, Michael Johnson demonstrates how he cues the neck during Footwork on the Reformer. You’ll see how the Neck Stretcher apparatus applies to the neck here on the Reformer to engage the upper spine and core while elongating the cervical vertebrae. Check out Michael’s Instagram page, where you can contact him to teach workshops or private lessons in NYC. Our thanks to The Art of Control™ in Stamford, CT where this was filmed.

What Others Are Saying


  1. Ingridtonelli 8 months ago

    Such knowledgeable teacher. Feel so lucky to get to learn more about this method from your perspective, Michael!

  2. Avishag 8 months ago

    This was great. Waiting for more from Michael.

  3. pilenthuses 8 months ago

    Thank you Alisa.
    I really look forward to that.

  4. pilenthuses 8 months ago

    Michael Johnson when are you going to give us more Mat Workshops?
    I miss your work.
    Thank you.

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