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In this session, Simona leads a class of college students with a few months of Pilates experience through a complete mat workout. Her precise cues make a challenging journey all the more interesting for the information she gives about the purpose of the exercises. If you wonder what an exercise is for, you’ll learn a lot from Simona’s descriptions while her fun yet commanding manner pushes you to squeeze a little more out of each move. This session uses a Magic Circle, 2-3 lb arm weights and a Theraband (you can substitute a belt or towel if you don’t have a band). Filmed at The Art of Control™ Simona Cipriani’s studio at the SUNY campus, Purchase New York.

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  1. Hi Simona! Wonderful class seamlessly utilizing the principles and taking pilates with you into everyday life. The standing twist at the end was fantastic to remind people how to move intelligently in their bodies. Thank you.

  2. Simona Cipriani
    Simona Cipriani 8 years ago

    Fantastic group of students 🙂

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