Teaching Horseback on the Pilates Ladder Barrel w/Dorothee Vandewalle

Ladder Barrel Part 3 Horseback

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Teaching Horseback on the Ladder Barrel - Dorothee Vandewalle leads a group of apprentices and teachers in an Intermediate level workshop on the Pilates Ladder Barrel, in this section focusing on teaching Horseback. Join them for an in-depth and participatory workshop as Dorothee shares her knowledge of proper body alignment on the Barrel, variations on exercises for different body types and issues, effective use of hands on and verbal cues, and much more. For information on Continued Education Workshops and complete Teacher Training with Dorothee Vandewalle visit Metropolitan Authentic Training.

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  1. Andrea Maida

    Yes – I completely agree – this was such a direct and simple discussion of the Horseback. I recently taught in Rome and with my limited Italian I thought – this is the way to go to not talk too much – LOL. Thank you Dorothee!

  2. joesmat 6 years ago

    When you ride a horse, you sit up straight.

    Why is it called the HORSEBACK on the Ladder Barrel?
    Is it not a contradiction in terms?

  3. Luz Alejandra Lovern

    Thanks! Great information here and yes is not easy to teach; a lot of observation and imaginary, body alignment and yes totally agree teaching in around the planet; big change. Much love and gratitude from Doha, Qatar

  4. ladyjane 6 years ago

    The Horseback is so hard to teach! This was so helpful Dorothee! Thank you!

  5. Ynowak 6 years ago

    Wonderful insights on how to teach directly.

  6. pilatesgal50 6 years ago

    Yeah, I love the Horse! Thank you for all the helpful insights.

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