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This vigorous and challenging workout, lead by Inelia Garcia at her Authentic Pilates Experience in Lisbon, Portugal, is a celebration of rhythmic Pilates. Inelia’s beautiful Portugese is in perfect timing with the live music she chose to accompany the workout. This workout was  inspired by her work with her mentor Romana Kryzanowska and will certainly inspire speakers of all languages.  Find Inelia Garcia at The Pilates Center of Brazil.

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  1. Oddsocks 3 weeks ago

    Great reminder to help clients find a rhythm with the work xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx LOVE IT!!!!
    Also love the unitards throughout the class…… where can I get some?

    • Alisa Wyatt

      Hi Oddsocks! You’d probably need to visit one of Inelia’s many studios in South America or Europe but maybe they have them on the website: or try emailing to get one. They are the BEST for working out in!

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