The Wall Test for Hyper Extended Knees

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In this mini workshop Brett shows his Wall Test for determining if you have Hyper-Extension of the Knees. In addition to a complete explanation Brett then demonstrates simple ways to adjust classical exercises in order to both strengthen the joint and learn how to prevent habitual hyperextension. Visit Brett for lessons and Teacher Training at his studio, the Pilates Haus, in Jersey City, NJ.

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  1. Ceci 2 years ago

    Magnifique, merci.

  2. 3 years ago

    Very useful information thank you

  3. Elena Bartley 3 years ago

    As always Brett you are fantastic !! Great information ! Thanks

  4. Songbird001
    Songbird001 3 years ago

    I always come back to you Brett. This was great! A much needed resource for me at this time. Thanks.

  5. Angela Leone
    Angela Leone 3 years ago

    Thank you so much, this will help greatly!

  6. Jennifer Allen

    Fantastic! Thank you.

  7. jszachara 3 years ago

    Thanks Brett!! Love getting these mini-workshops!

  8. Gaia Faggiani
    gaia 3 years ago

    Very clear, useful and simple. . Thank you Brett!

  9. brooke
    brooke 3 years ago

    you Brett, great information!

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