Advanced Pilates Mat Workout with Lynann Escatel

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Jump into class with Lynann Escatel for this advanced mat and you’ll feel the results all day. You’ll be sweating it out alongside Pilates-pros Brooke Chaffee, Annalee Traylor and Kristin Joseph—get ready to find out what keeps them in such amazing shape! Lynann’s fun variations and key moments when she hones in on the tough work will make this class a repeat favorite. Visit Lynann at Our thanks to Pilates on 66 in New York, NY where this was filmed.

What Others Are Saying


  1. Silke 6 months ago

    Enjoyed it a lot!

  2. SabrinaHorak 6 months ago

    Very nice work out, complete, with lots of excercises, nice variations at the beginning and at the end, and nice one leg circle and shoulder bridge with the circles, and nice work for the legs in side leg kicks. Thank you!

  3. Prafferty5
    Prafferty5 6 months ago

    Enjoyed the pace & variations. I am unable to so some exercises due to some health issues however I felt my body responded very well to your class . Thank you 🙏

  4. McLachlan 6 months ago

    A goos way to start my Sunday. Thank you Lynann and team.

  5. Pfplus 6 months ago

    Thank you! Great workout – love the variations!

  6. Thank you, enjoyable mat!

  7. Loquette 6 months ago

    Awesome, thank you so much. I loved it.

    • Lynann Escatel Author
      Lynann Escatel 6 months ago

      oxoxo thank you, glad you liked it!

  8. Loquette 6 months ago

    Awesome, thank you so much. I loved it. I’m off for a quiet nap, haha!!

  9. TracyWCorvo 7 months ago

    Whoa! That was great. There were a few exercise toward the end that were new to me. Or rather two that I knew of but have avoided:) Thanks!

  10. Lynann Escatel Author
    Lynann Escatel 7 months ago

    Yeah!!! I hope you are well and safe.  Thank you for taking my class <3

  11. chrisgpinheiro
    chrisgpinheiro 7 months ago

    Gracias! Me ha encantado y me ha hecho sudar! besos

  12. Lynann Escatel Author
    Lynann Escatel 9 months ago

    yeah!!! Glad you enjoyed it! I had fun teaching it, 🙂

  13. alicia jerome 9 months ago

    So Awesome!

  14. Jennifer Allen

    Glorious!!! Thank you so much! 🙂

    • Lynann Escatel Author
      Lynann Escatel 9 months ago

      @fitmom01thank you! I’m bad about checking in here.  Glad you liked it <3

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