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For this international edition to our series, Coffee with Jay, we visited London for the Classical Pilates Conference UK, for an afternoon tea. Jay answered questions from the audience and Pilatesology members who had sent in their questions in advance. Listen in to learn more about Jay Grimes' years as a student and teacher in Joe Pilates’ original Studio for Body Contrology on 8th Avenue in New York City. You can visit Jay’s own studio for his teaching and workshop schedule at: Vintage Pilates. Topics and Questions in this session include: 00:35 min - With the different nuances in the elders teachings can you tell what was the original method or did Joe progress his method over time? 4:45 min - Is there a right or wrong way to teach? Is Pilates black and white? 5:35 min - The First Generation of Joe's teachers have spent decades teaching, and do you feel you’ve been able to pass on everything you know to the next generation of teachers? 7:50 min - Are there good teachers out there? Will the method survive? 8:15 min - What qualities make a good teacher? 10:15 min - Was the original studio more like a physical therapy studio or a gym? 11:25 min - How often did clients go into the studio? What would they do to workout? 12:30 min - What was Joe's goal for his clients? Where did people start? What was done at home versus in the studio? 14:10 min - To understand Joe's studio you have to understand the culture of that time. 14:45 min - For instance, the year Joe died an event happened that changed the world in terms of exercise. 16:40 min - What was the ratio of men to women? 18:00 min - Why did you start pilates? 20:00 min - Do you recall Joe or Clara ever working out in the studio? 22:25 min - Any advice for working with older, barrel-chested men with tight hips? 25:00 min - Can you confirm whether the mat exercises taught at Vintage Pilates are taught and demonstrated in exactly the same way as they were in Joe's studio when you were there? 26:00 min - Do you ever recall Romana giving exercises of her own invention at Joe's studio and if so, what was Joe and Clara's responses to those exercises? 28:30 min - Are there Pilates teachers who studied extensively with Bruce King, John Winters, Robert Fitzgerald or Bob Seed. Do you know why? 32:00 min - Joe's need to control his method. 34:30 min - What do you think teachers should avoid when they have a client with a lumbar disc herniation? Is the C curve good for everybody? 37:50 min - What about pregnancy? 39:15 min - Do you feel that modern science has contributed to the classical work?

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  1. amorepilates 2 years ago

    Thank you Jay. It is an honor to hear your story, answers and solutions. I love listening to you. Thank you again.

  2. catedavies 4 years ago

    Fascinating. Understanding how Pilates evolved and was taught has huge implications for assessing the veracity of today’s teachers.
    My favourite quote from the video is the attributes of a good teacher: “Learning to keep your mouth shut and your eyes open and knowing which exercises to choose for someone”.
    I also take home the message that we should be making people work and sweat – something I rarely did in 5 years of Modern Pilates!!!

  3. ladyjane 6 years ago

    Telling it as it is Jay! Brilliant! Nobody knows it better! Wonderful interview. Thank you.

  4. LKVB 6 years ago

    Jay is a TREASURE!!!!!!

  5. joesmat 6 years ago

    Take away everything that Mr Jay Grimes shares with us here, get on your mat, practice, sweat and more practice. That is the definition of Pilates!
    Always a privilege to learn from this man, the true Gentleman of Pilates.
    Thank you the A & J of PILATESOLOGY for making this film available!

  6. It was such a pleasure and honour to be able to film this with Jay – thank you Alisa and Jack. x

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