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Join Dorothee in this short - but brutal - Guillotine workout designed specifically for men. Working with Rodrigo Nano her emphasis is on alignment, upper body and core strength. Dorothee also reveals hidden areas of weakness and asymmetry by pushing you to the limit of your control. The Guillotine is perfect for revealing inequalities since the levelness of the bar makes them impossible to hide. Once revealed, Dorothee works on rebuilding symmetry by working each side of the body separately. Each series of exercises is followed by deep stretches focused on maintaining a smoothly uniform curve in the spine for maximum elongation. All throughout, emphasis remains on stability and drawing power from the core while keeping joints relaxed and properly aligned. This workout requires serious strength and control throughout your entire range of motion, leaving your posture taller and sturdier than ever before. For information on Continued Education Workshops and complete Teacher Training with Dorothee Vandewalle visit Metropolitan Authentic Training.

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  1. soul_eil

    I have just learned that the guillotine has more opportunities than just basic tower/Teaser/arm/leg springs. Thank you!

  2. joesmat 4 years ago

    One gets the distinct impression that Dorothee Vandewalle really enjoyed working with this outstanding Pilates Practitioner.
    I think it is the first time I have seen such an individual practicing Pilates.
    The hanging exercises he performed at circa 22 minutes is text book Calisthenics work.
    More free standing strength work from this Gentleman for the Home Practitioner please!

  3. Ynowak 4 years ago

    Really lovely flow. Loved the quick discussion at the end of what she saw in his body and how he should adjust. So helpful!

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