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Get Results with Leg Springs

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This quick tips video will change the way you teach Leg Springs for the better! Zoë’s tips will help you see what’s going wrong and fix it in ways that your clients will instantly feel and want more of. Zoë also demonstrates how to use the Airplane Board for clients who hyperextend their knees as well as how to challenge an advanced client with the Airplane Exercise and how to spot the Side Leg Springs Stretches. Visit Zoë for private lessons and teacher training in Pasadena, CA at Zoë: A Pilates Studio.  

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  1. RawPilates 2 years ago

    What amazing explanations and cues. The explanations on why something. G would be incorrect is very useful. Great to watch ♥️

  2. purepilatesdallas 2 years ago

    Love this! Thank you!

  3. McLachlan 2 years ago

    Thankx Zoe, Great demonstration on correct spotting for all joints.

    • Zoë Hagler Author
      Zoë Hagler 2 years ago

      Thanks, that’s nice to hear. I hope it’s useful to you!

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