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Want to feel amazing? Do this workout with Gloria Gasperi! Filmed at the 2019 Palermo Pilates Symposium, you’ll join a group of attendees who won the opportunity to take part. Gloria’s positivity will motivate and inspire you to go deeper in every movement; you’ll feel every part of your body, glutes, arms, back, all of it connecting to a strong center. Visit her for lessons and teacher training in Italy at Studio Pilates di Gloria Gasperi. Our thanks to Lesley Bell who organizes the annual Palermo Pilates Symposium.

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  1. catedavies 7 months ago

    I feel an affinity for Jay’s teaching & those who have trained with him & you are no exception.
    Loved your cues to find the length as the carriage returns e.g. “push out to come in” in Long Stretch.
    Really liked the explanation of the main focus of each exercise & where you should be working from too.
    This video was really useful for me as a teacher for observing the different participants & their techniques & thinking about what one would recommend if they were your student.
    Amazed at how you switched from English to Italian whilst keeping a close eye on 9 people, spotting where necessary & keeping everyone together & at a great pace.
    Will watch this again!

  2. Oddsocks 9 months ago

    Hi Gloria
    I have been following your journey for a while (not stalking 🙂 and I absolutely love!!! your energy , your understanding of what Jay has given you and your ability to pass it on. And would love to one day be able to travel to you or Vintage Pilates and develop my understanding and practice of the true Pilates method also. Maybe I’ll win the lottery this week hehehe. It is a long way from Perth Australia. Anyway, I have never commented on a video before , though have been a Pilatesoloy faithful for a while now, but I just wanted to share with you my appreciation of your work. xx
    Thank you ever so much x

    • Gloria Gasperi Author

      Dear Sharon!!!!

      Your words make me feel humbled, honoured, happy and proud!
      Thank you so much for following me (you are totally allowed to stalk me on Pilatesology😜) and understanding my intentions… I am so happy and honoured for the possibility that I have to share my passion, experience and vision and Pilatesology gives me a great opportunity to do that!
      And I feel so blessed for all that I receive and received from my beloved mentor Jay!
      It would be really a pleasure to have you here at my place one day… or to meet you anywhere around the world!
      In the meantime please feel free to contact me for any question or doubt or anything else and keep your pure heart!
      Big thank you and love

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