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Lori leads a mindfully paced 55 minute mat workout that begins standing using a Magic Circle followed by a 30 minute Q&A. Join her for the workout and you'll find yourself on an inner journey that will spotlight your roadblocks to better movement and help you to remove them. After the workout, Lori answers questions from her class and leads further exploration into movements that build advanced exercises like backbends. For Teacher Training, lessons and more, visit Lori at Atlas Pilates.  

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  1. AnnieT 2 years ago

    Loved all the exercise break downs using the wall – thank you!

  2. joesmat 3 years ago

    Observed this video twice because I very much appreciate the hands on skills demonstrated here by the lovely Lori Coleman Brown.
    You could almost redefine the meaning of the word “Powerhouse” if you follow this video through on your mat, as I do, otherwise, the lesson is lost.
    The Lady tells you how it works in her body. It speaks Volumes. Wonderfully Skilled piece of Mat Instruction.

    • Lori Coleman-Brown Author
      Lori Coleman-Brown 3 years ago

      Thank you! Glad you liked it.

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