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Join Clare along with her students Nicole and Bernadette for a workout that pays double duty: you’ll create better balance while simultaneously getting a full body workout! Don’t miss the Teaser series near the end, if you have difficulty with this exercise Clare’s variation is bound to offer insight. Visit Clare at Progressive Bodyworks and explore her new program for studio owners: Pilates Avatar.

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  1. jbm 3 years ago

    Thanks! I loved your comment to Bernadette towards the end when you said” This leg likes to wander” Cracked me up. Lovely informative workout. Great advice on the clicking hips. I also have clients take it to the point before it clicks or lessen the rotation if it is inward or outward. I work with dancers and am one as well and we used to think that it is not a big deal but we have found that they are more likely to have hip problems in old age.

  2. PILATESDURHAM 3 years ago

    Hi, Clare, this is great! I’ve got as far as the matwork on top of the chair, and you’ve already inspired a question (I’ve pressed pause) How do you deal with clients who have clicky hips? SO many of my clients have this issue, especially with the Single Straight Leg Stretch. I noticed you asked your students to wrap & stay in their seats, also not to let gravity take over as they lower the leg. I do the same, but a couple of them (with the click) really struggle with the wrap (usually the runners who seem to be internally rotated, or stuck in parallel) Any other specific tips for this? A lot of my clicky hip clients also experience it rolling down using the rollback bar (cadi), also leg circles (matwork). If you ever get time, I’d love a tutorial with some tips to help these specific clicky hipped clients. It doesn’t cause pain in any of them, but it is a little alarming for them. Thankyou! (Sorry if this is a little off-topic for the video).

    • Clare Dunphy Hemani Author

      Hi there! Thanks for your question about clicking hips. In general (and in my experience) the clicking hip is usually just a tendon snapping across the bone and I often see it in runners as well. Essentially, they usually have an imbalance with their hip flexors and hip extensors, and also tend to not really lengthen and reach their legs from all around the hip. Here are a few tricks I use to solve the problem.

      Check to be sure their pelvis is not only squared off, but level.
      Make sure they work slightly turned out and not internally rotated and can maintain that throughout the exercise (one leg circles)
      Do not let them “whip” their leg around in one leg circles, have them feels their buttocks pull the leg down instead of gravity. Use a leg spring on the Caddy to give them the feeling.
      In the single leg stretch, to help them feel their buttocks working, place your hand under the heel of the outstretched leg and ask them to gently press into your hand to get the glutes firing.

      This should give you the main idea but I’d be happy to talk with you too! -Clare

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