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This advanced Mat will push you past your comfort zone and have you dripping in sweat! Andrea will challenge you to stay connected to your center throughout each exercise and seamless transition. With constant concentration on your center there is no time to disengage your abdominals. This will be a full 30 minutes of core work! Watch how clean her technique is and try to emulate her style, Andrea's precision will inspire you to find the maximum strength in your own work. Visit Andrea at her studio Pilates Andrea in Solana Beach, CA.

What Others Are Saying


  1. LauraCotler
    LauraCotler 2 years ago

    Wow, Andrea! Joe is a Pilates hero too! This is a perfect workout! Thank you!

    • Andrea Maida Author

      Joe does a great job with his Pilates, it’s true 🙂 Thanks so much for joining us in this workout and good for you!! See you very soon – xox

  2. Luz Alejandra Lovern

    Andrea! lovely HI! great workout this morning from my Home Studio, Always you give the wings to keep moving! thanks great energies and all ways is a pleasure to having you by my side! See you soon! Love is motivation! Luz

    • Andrea Maida Author

      Thank you so much Luz – I am glad you enjoyed this class. Love to you and yes, keep moving and finding positive energies in everything. Big hugs to you. xox

  3. Kara Wily
    Kara Wily 5 years ago

    Great class. Thank you for kicking me into gear on a Wednesday morning!

    • Andrea Maida Author

      Thanks so much for doing this workout – so glad I could be of assistance 🙂 I hope we can see each other again soon – stay awesome! xox

  4. Dolores Coeck 5 years ago

    Super mat workout!! Love it.

  5. LKVB 6 years ago

    Andrea, super mat. I loved the connections which you expertly guided us through with minimal blah blah blah and maximum movement! Best always, liesbeth

    • Andrea Maida Author

      Thank you so much Liesbeth 🙂 I love that phrase “Minimal blah blah blah and maximum movement!” Thank you so much for watching !

  6. pilatesangel 6 years ago

    Andrea, I just wanted to high five you at the end! Such an efficient workout and your giddy personality made it so much fun! Now, if I could only get my husband to do it with me 🙂 Thank you!!

    • Andrea Maida Author

      You nailed it – LOL. Pilates makes me giddy, I had fun too 🙂 See if you can lure your husband to the Mat with a pre-Pilates hug? Thank you so much for watching!

  7. joesmat 6 years ago

    Great to follow the MAIDA DUO at work on Joe’s Mat!

    • Andrea Maida Author

      Thank you so much, Colin. Joe is getting to be quite the popular Pilates practitioner 🙂 Thank you for watching!

  8. ladyjane 6 years ago

    This is a great workout when you are short of time…….great tempo, nice form,liked how you kept the boomerang moving and all the rolling exercises, I know you must have felt fabulous after that. I am going to do it now! Woohoo!

  9. ellaerin
    ellaerin 6 years ago

    I am a sweaty mess! Fantastic cues, especially during side bends! I have weak wrists from years of flute playing, so I usually collapse during side bend. I did it on both sides today because of your cues to focus more on the lower body. Thank you!

    • Andrea Maida Author

      Good for you ellaerin 🙂 I am slowly discovering that many of the challenging exercises are more lower body exercises that I have been trying to do with my upper body for years – LOL. Glad this one was a help to your Side Bend!!

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