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Watch Chris Robinson in action teaching a mat workout on the Cadillac. He and his student Carrie South use the springs to assist for certain exercises and in others, the springs create challenge. Watch and you'll learn simple ways to get closer to the goals of each exercise, as you can see working for Carrie. Visit Chris at S6 Fitness.

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  1. Luz Alejandra Lovern

    Amazin Carie and the Teacher spectacular! I need a teacher like that today!

  2. pilenthuses 1 year ago

    If I may say so, the Lady showed great spirit and determination. Quite admirable, as I suspect she is not from a Classical background.
    It seems to me, that here we have the privilege of learning Joseph Pilates Mat “Work” as it was intended .
    The Instructor hit the spot with every exercise.
    Thank you Mr Robinson. 5 STARS.

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