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Join Gaia for a Reformer workout that will strengthen and elongate your entire body. You’ll begin with the footwork which stimulates pressure points in your feet and realigns the legs; improve your circulation with the 100 exercise; and lengthen your spine in many different ways. In every exercise you’ll learn how to connect to your Powerhouse to create a strong center and gluteus muscles. The more you practice this series the more your body will respond. Visit Gaia at her studio in Rome, Gaia Pilates Roma.

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  1. 2 years ago

    Thank you Gaia for this basic reformer workout! I love returning to the base…the image of having my feet in a toaster in the heels footwork exercise was useful and made me laugh at the same time! Thank you… hope to come and have a lesson
    with you in Rome.

  2. Gaia Faggiani Author
    Gaia Faggiani 2 years ago

    Hello Bill, thank you for watching this simple basic reformer video, ! Even if in Italian you can easily follow the sequence ! Gaia

  3. Bill 2 years ago

    Thanks for the support …we bought a reformer as we are older and need to develop an easy work out. Are interested in information/simple videos to help us get started.

    Thanks…Bill Johnson

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