Resolution 2.0(14): Lose 10 lbs or Live your dreams?

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“Physical well-being, mental calm and spiritual peace are priceless.”
– Joe Pilates

New Year’s Resolution 2.0(14):  The above quote is very personal for me because when I started Pilates, the way I treated my body was punishing. My idea of ‘mental calm’ was directly related to maximum calorie burn and the state of absolute exhaustion that comes after a 3 hour workout.  Spiritual peace? Bah! Peace would come if I could get to my ‘perfect’ weight. But even on days when the scale edged towards the mythic number that symbolized true happiness to me, I was not happy.Then I discovered Pilates, and something changed. My teachers pointed out simple, commonsense things I had forgotten all about (or never learned in the first place) like when to stop and “what are you doing to your neck?!!” There was an order to follow, important things to memorize, exercises that were just for my needs. It was a process not a magic pill, and over time I made gradual, almost invisible changes that reminded me of learning a musical instrument, and the instrument was me. I was proud of what I was achieving; and for the first time, what I could do with my body began to outweigh what it should look like. Ironically, I had

tried Pilates because I heard it would make me thinner, but instead of finding happiness on a scale, I found it in myself.

Don’t get me wrong, caring about how we look isn’t a bad thing especially if it motivates us toward positive change, but for new habits to succeed in the long run it helps to set goals based on enjoying life instead of pant size. For New Year’s Resolutions that stick, make a list of a few specific things you dream about doing:
  • Climb Mt. Kilimanjaro, run a marathon, watch the sunset from the hill behind your house.
  • Sing an aria.
  • Learn to play tennis.
  • Hang upside down on the Cadillac. 
  • Set a healthy example for your kids.
  • Ride a bike through Italy.
  • Plant a garden.
  • Surf a wave, ride a horse, high five your workout buddy.
  • Feel the triumph of discipline when you’ve finished something physically demanding.

Your body loves to move, move it well and you will be rewarded.

In Memoriam
This year the Pilates world lost the most influential teacher of the method next to Joe Pilates: Romana Kryzanowska. This legendary woman worked alongside Joe and Clara Pilates for decades and dedicated her life to spreading his method the way he intended it, with spirit, strength and power. Pilatesology’s teachers all learned their craft from Romana, and with their contributions we have created a growing pictorial tribute to her. Interested in becoming a teacher? Romana’s international training program is still going strong under the expert care of her daughter Sari Mejia Santo, granddaughter Daria Pace, and their own incredible and passionate team. Find a training center near you at: Romana’s Pilates.


What does Pilatesology have in store for 2014? Our #1 goal is to continue bringing you Pilates that’s true to Joe’s original teachings, because we want his pure genius to live on in happy bodies everywhere.Happy New Year to you!
Alisa & Jack


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