Karen Frischmann
Vintage Pilates

Karen Frischmann is a Pilates Instructor and Business Coach specializing in mentoring Pilates teachers worldwide. She began studying Pilates in 1992 with Mari Winsor at Winsor Pilates. It became such a passion, she acquired her first certification through a local, classical program in 1996. She began studying with first generation instructor Jay Grimes in 1999 and continues as both his student and associate today. Under Jay’s encouragement, Karen furthered her Pilates training and obtained her second certification at Drago’s gym under Romana Kryzanowska with Sari Mejia Santos in 2003.

During her 20 years of teaching, Karen has worked with a wide range of clients including Pilates instructors, athletes, circus performers, and students recovering from injury. Karen has dedicated the last 7 years to helping Pilates teachers refine their craft and build their businesses. First as the co-founder of Vintage Pilates and its graduate program “The Work” and now through her educational programs at Karen Frischmann Inc.

A true teacher’s teacher, she applies her extensive knowledge of the body, keen eye and sharp attention to detail to developing programs and workshops that nurture and develop teachers around the world. Karen is a regular contributor on Pilatesology.com creating workshops, tutorials and tips for teachers. Check out her blog karenfrischmann.com/missives and learn more about how you can refine your teaching and grow a thriving Pilates business that doesn’t require a 60-hour work week!

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