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If you teach young athletes you might wonder what exercises are most effective for a growing body. Karen and her 12 year old son Daniel demonstrate the workout she has designed for him with the input of his swim coach and pediatrician who don’t want him working against resistance. Along with strength and flexibility, Karen focuses on giving Daniel coordination to help his growing body swim faster and become more efficient. For workshops, lessons and business coaching visit Karen at: https://karenfrischmann.com/. Filmed at Pilatesology Studio.

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  1. susan h lawrence
    susan h lawrence 7 months ago

    Great interaction Mom and son.This is a good look at pre Pilates to the complete stroke. And thank you for the reminder that we are going for progress, rather than perfection! Swim on!

  2. Angela Leone 11 months ago

    This was great! Thank you 💫

  3. McLachlan 11 months ago

    Bravo Daniel, Over protective mum with a stop watch , awesome great tips for those tall lanky teens. Thank you Karen

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