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Beginner Sculpt & Tone  


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Strap on a light set of ankle weights (1-2 lbs) and get ready to feel your core like never before! Niedra has selected these exercises with safety in mind and gives careful instructions on how to perform them to prevent injury to the lower back and maximize their toning effect. Her main focus is on strengthening the powerhouse and legs while maintaining correct body alignment and symmetry of motion. In addition to a satisfying burn and delicious sculpt, you'll gain a couple of tricks that just might reveal a thing or two about your own body you didn't quite know yet. Visit Niedra at Spirit Moves

Posted : 17/10/2016 1:00 am

Niedra I love your classes! Such a great energy, lots of explanations and attention to details. I would love to be your student! Thank you very much for the class.

Posted : 30/10/2016 10:32 am

Thank you Pilatesvibe, I am glad you enjoyed both the workout and the details - I am a details "nerd".
If you are interested in some live interchange or classes, you can always contact me I teach a lot in southern california, and also travel quite a bit, host retreats and concentrated trainings so if this interest you please do connect with me personally and I would be happy to fill you in.

Posted : 01/11/2016 5:15 pm