Wunda Chair for a Higher Jump

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Whether you’re looking to boost your vertical jump, prevent injury, or rehabbing after an injury, this Pilates Wunda Chair workout is good preparation for any sport that requires strength in jumping. Alisa puts together exercises that build support for the knees and ankles, as well as balance. Working with Jody Gooding, a professional beach volleyball player, Alisa uses cues and adjustments to fit his needs for better alignment, connection to the Powerhouse, flexibility and efficient movement.

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  1. Suebelle
    Suebelle 8 years ago

    I would have loved to watch this session very much. What did watch was great cueing, loved that Alisa did not over cue. Nice to see a regular guy doing Pilates. Thanks.

    The transmission of this and other videos I have watched, has gone off and on . This one was really bad and I could not watch the whole thing. 🙁


  2. Wonderful session. I love how this class shows how hard (and beneficial) Pilates can be even for male athletes!

  3. Ynowak 8 years ago

    Great detailed cues. Liked the focus on working with athletes.

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