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Wall for Beginners

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Lauren takes her students through the classical Wall series. The Wall was given to almost every student who came to Joe Pilates’ studio and is fantastic homework for students to learn and practice on their own. Outwardly, the movements in this series appear simple and straightforward but when practiced with Lauren’s cues for correct alignment, you can feel how deeply they work. You'll notice improved posture and relief from shoulder, neck and back tension immediately. Filmed at Lauren’s studio Pilates Seattle International in Seattle, WA offering Pilates, Physical Therapy and Teacher Training.

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  1. k1angel1982 3 years ago

    Can you give me some advice as to what I should do if my body shape (large bottom)/body tightness prevents me being able to have the heels of my feet and my lower back against the wall at the same time?

  2. Siri Dharma Galliano

    Like the word “Wall-sits.” I teach this class in jails. Was teased by the Sweedish Bars and hope she will give a lesson there. I enjoy Lauren’s professionalism; an example of firm, but pleasant without joking or anecdotes, ranks high in repeatability.

  3. pilates 8 years ago

    This very clear visual and verbal cueing. Thanks, I am going to use this next week with a new small class of newbies. -Elayne

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